Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s crucial for us to be able to provide you with all the information you may need, and for this purpose, we have coordinated everything in one place.

  • What is a PrePay card?

    PrePay is a prepaid card issued by IDT Financial Services Ltd on the Mastercard network. You can use the card in a similar way like you would use a credit card. Loading the card is fast and easy at any of our recharge points or via the secure login area on the website. 

  • What is a prepaid card?

    A prepaid card is an electronic payment method that is ‘charged’ with cash and can be used is a similar way to a credit card. The method of reloading the card is immediate, and your card will never enter a card ‘overdraft’ state as you can only spend what you load. 

  • Who can get a PrePay Card?

    Any resident of Israel over the age of 18 can get a PrePay card. Those under the age of 18 can have a parent or guardian apply on their behalf. 

  • Do You Need a Bank Account to Get a PrePay Card?

    No. The PrePay card allows you to benefit from purchases without having a bank account 

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  • Can I use it anywhere? Even outside Israel?

    The PrePay card can be used anywhere in Israel or abroad where you that accepts Mastercard cards

  • What can I do with the card?

    Use the card to shop in-person or online, pay your monthly bills, withdraw cash at an ATM, transfer money to other PrePay card users, and more!  Keep in mind the card is pre-loaded with a balance and charges are immediately deducted from your total balance. Just make sure that you have a sufficient card balance for the transaction. Otherwise, the transaction will be denied.   * Some businesses do not honor the card for some types of recurring monthly payments and also cannot be used for payments made in installments.

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  • What do we Require to Issue a PrePay Card?

    A photocopy of one of the following documents is required for verification:

    • Identity Card
    • Driver’s License
    • Passport

    Plus, one of the following documents to verify residency:

    • Identity Card address attachment
    • A Driver’s license (when not used to prove identity)
    • A photo of one of your household bills (municipal taxes, electricity, water, etc.)
  • How can I load my PrePay card?

    The card can be reloaded by cash or debit card. Loading is fast and easy at any one of our recharge points found throughout the country. It’s also possible to reload by bank transfer by logging into the secure personal area of the PrePay website.   To Locate a Reloading Point, Just Log In!

  • What is the cost of the PrePay card and what are the fees to use the card?

    The cost of the card is a one-time fee of NIS 45.   We offer a variety of packages to fit every budget. The fees vary according to the features chosen. Click here to learn more about the current packages available.

  • Which Currencies can be Loaded on the PrePay Card?

    The card can be loaded in three different currencies: Israeli Shekels, US Dollar, and Euro.

  • What Should I do If I Lose the Card or if it is Stolen?

    In case of loss or theft, the card must be immediately blocked in the personal area of the website or by contacting our customer service center which operates 24/7 at 03-5410410

  • Where Can I get a Breakdown of Transactions, or Recover a Secret Code, or Make Other Transaction?

    Your convenience is important to us! Therefore we have set up a secure personal area of the website where you can check your balance, follow and make transactions, anywhere and at any time, conveniently and efficiently, and of course you can contact our customer service center at 03-5410410

  • Does the PrePay Card Have a CVV Code and Validity Date?

    Yes, the card has a CVV code (a 3-digit code on the back of your used in online transactions) and a validity date (shown on the front of your card).


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