Prepay Control

Are the expenses of the business disappearing? It's time for Prepay Control.
One advanced system that will give you back control over all business expenses.

מסך מחשב עם ממשק ניהול הפריפיי שלצידו אייפון עם מסך מהאפליקציה

You will not understand how you managed up until now
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The advantages of the financial platform

  • איור אילוסטרציה תלת-מימדי של של טלפון נייד וכרטיס אשראי

    Digital Control

    The app and a MasterCard for each employee in the company

  • איור אילוסטרציה תלת-מימדי של קבלה מתוך טלפון

    Saving time and paperwork

    The ability to photograph an invoice and send it to the management system

  • איור אילוסטרציה תלת-מימדי של קופסת מתנה

    Benefits Club for every employee

    that provides fixed discounts in a variety of chains

The perfect solution for accountants and CFOs

  • אייקון

    A non-banking system that works for you

  • אייקון

    A simple dashboard: all expenses are updated online in one complete view

  • אייקון

    You decide who gets access to the system and how much money to allow them

  • אייקון

    Huge time savings, no headache and no "disappearing" money

  • אייקון

    A particularly profitable payment model adapted exactly to your needs

  • אייקון

    Ability to photocopy invoices and upload them immediately to the system

  • אייקון

    Employees do not need to withdraw money from their account. The financing of the expenses comes from the company only

מסך אפליקציית פריפיי עסקי

Business Prepay

Dozens of businesses from a variety of industries - hi-tech, trade, catering and more...
have already joined us, what about you?

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