Anyone can hold a digital account on the app

Transfer and receive money in Israel and abroad, international MasterCard, profitable and convenient exchange, and an outstanding benefits club.

The fintech company from Psagot Group, leading the financial revolution in Israel, has exiting news!

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you do not need a bank account or credit card because anyone can join!

ידיים מחזיקות טלפון ובו מוצג מסך מהאפליקציה ברקע דגל ישראל עם הכיתוב ישראל חזקה, יחד ננצח

The first financial SuperApp in Israel that helps you to manage your finances smartly! With a digital account, you can benefit from all worlds

Benefits Club

You earn more! All our customers are eligible for benefits, without a subscription and or additional payments. Simply for being prepay members. You receive a 10% discount in over 50 chains across the country. And… this includes being able to apply several offers together, with almost no limitations. Great deal!

More details אישה בוורוד מחזיקה טלפון ואייקונים של מועדון הטבות

Prepay Card

Order an international card through the app - no bank account required. The card is connected to your app, and as long as you have money in your account - you can use it, like any other card. You can use it abroad, online and even withdraw money from the ATM.

More details כרטיס פריפיי מאוייר

Payments & Transfers

Prepay is a digital account that is not connected to a bank account. Manage your finances easily, transfer money to your contacts in Israel and abroad, easily and simply through your mobile phone.

More details יד מחזיקה טלפון עם מסך העברות מאפליקציית פריפיי

Foreign Currency & Exchange

Do you travel abroad a lot? Prepay makes exchanging currency simple and attractive. Currency exchange in a number of currencies: New Shekels, Dollars, Euros and more. Now there is no need to go to the exchange - everything is done through the app.

More details מסך אייפון עם מסך המרות מט״ח מאפליקציית פריפיי

How to deposit funds into your Prepay

  • איור אילוסטרציה תלת-מימדי של שטרות כסף עם כנפיים

    Prepay Cash

    You can deposit cash at one of our deposit points in multiple locations across the country.

  • איור אילוסטרציה תלת-מימדי של של טלפון נייד, כרטיס אשרי וחצים מחברים בינהם

    Bank Transfer

    With Prepay, you can transfer money in Israel and abroad with one click on your mobile phone. Receive a bank transfer or your wages direct to the app. The transfer will show in the app on the following business day.

  • איור אילוסטרציה תלת-מימדי של כרטיסי אשראי ומטבעות

    Credit Card

    With Prepay, you can use your credit card easily and simply to deposit funds. The transfer will show in the app on the following business day.

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