PrePay is a debit card that is designed for Filipino foreign workers living in Israel. Many, if not most of the foreign workers do not have a bank account or valid credit card in Israel, and therefore make high use of cash, which makes everyday life much more difficult for them. Given that the mobile phone is their main “work tool” in Israel, if you are in this group, this article is of interest to you.

Why Use A Debit Card?

Life without a credit card, bank account, and even the old-style paper checks can be rather difficult. Running to and from the post office, or to Bank Yerushalayim just to get a paycheck every week (or monthly) makes life difficult, and does not reflect the current world in 2021. And what about online shopping? This is our of boundaries for them, although they have hours of online time on Instagram, and are exposed to endless ads.

The situation in which foreign Filipino workers in Israel who don’t have any of the above conditions, make life more complicated than it needs to be.

If you are a foreign worker that lives in Israel, you know the high transaction costs, how hard and complex it is to transfer money back home (Philippines) or pay for the apartment rent and other money-transaction activities.

The PrePay Debit Card

The PrePay Debit Card has many advantages that mainly concern cost reductions and easier life management. No more running to limited branches of Bank Yerushalayim, or to the post office. The PrePay solution allows them to receive their paycheck directly to their debit card. They could also send money at the click of a button to their family members back home in the Philippines while benefiting from low transaction fees. 


The PrePay Debit Card belongs to MasterCard and is accepted by over 200,000,000 businesses worldwide.


The Advantages of the PrePay Debit Card

  1. No Debt–In terms of debt and loans, it’s better to own a debit card rather than a credit card, since, with a credit card, it's easier to get into debt. With a debit card, it’s way easier to avoid spending more money than you have.
  2. Fees–the fees in the PrePay Debit Card are lower compared to regular debit cards. The fees are; card charge, purchase of foreign currency, card usage and wire transfer to other cards abroad. For example, international transactions via the post office cost 3.50% commission of the total amount. With the PrePay Debit Card, the cost is 2.50%. This card includes a cellular package that gives even more cost benefits, but we’ll get to it further down the article.
  3. Theft Protection–Anyone can steal cash from your wallet, and most times, the bad guys wait for their prey in the locations they withdraw their money. It is much harder to steal money from a debit card.
  4. Eliminate Cash–You don't have to carry around cash if you regularly use a debit card. If you need cash, you can always stop by an ATM and take out however much you need or get cashback when you make a purchase at most stores.

The Cellular Package Bonus

The PrePay Debit card is not limited to money transfers, paychecks, and overall extra protection when compared to holding cash. The PrePay Debit Card includes a monthly cellular package as well, and it’s for only 19.90 NIS a month!


By incorporating both services (debit card + monthly cellular package), you could purchase a package named “TalkPhone”, which is based on the leading domestic cellular company – “Pelephone”. For only 19.90 NIS a month, you receive no less than 50GB, including VAT. 50GB/monthly is more than enough. The 19.90 NIS automatically charges the PrePay card. This saves between 60.00NIS and 120.00 NIS per month and will be charged from the card and will save actually going to the shop for a new monthly charge.

כרטיס נטען <b class='styiling-words-prepay'>PrePay</b> - תצוגת מובייל

By incorporating this two-in-one service, it saves time, energy and money for foreign workers. In the very near future (May 2021) the PrePay Debit Card will offer a 50GB cellular package, and a contactless feature. The package will cost 19.90 NIS + VAT.  In other words, if your phone has an NFC feature you won’t even need to carry a card as all your transactions will be done using your mobile phone directly.
You can visit the company’s website at


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